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Cream of chicken n veggies soup Empty Cream of chicken n veggies soup

on Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:45 am
Cream of chicken n veggies soup 427563_346024635442384_165026653542184_1081149_1166820456_n

chicken breast-5 2"pcs
carrot-1 diced thinly
... spring onion-a few sprigs
dill- a few sprigs
red pepper-a sall piece
red jalapeno-a small pc
beans-few chopped finely
white onion-2T chopped and divided
olive oil/butter-1T
flour-1T mixed in 3T of water/milk


combine chicken,veggies,half of the onion and water and cook over low heat until u have 2 cups of the soup,about 35 mins.

remove the chicken and shred it.bring back to the pot of soup.keep flame on high and add in the cream and flour mixture.

Meanwhile heat a pan with olive oil/butter and add the onions and saute till they are transparent.pour into the soup once the cream and flour is well combine and it starts boiling.keep stirring so that the flour doesnt form lumps.

season with salt n pepper and serve hot with bread or buns or croutons...Garnish with fresh spring onions,dill parsely etc

Any complain about this topic please send me PM...its a copy right from my own page
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